Our Hering voucher-systems

Every customer is paying a fee for using our wc & fresh toilet facilities. Each time you pay the full amount, you will automatically receive a voucher worth €0.50.

  • Redeem your voucher nationwide at participating stores in railway stations with rail & fresh or Hering Toilet facilities
  • Find location based partner shops under Locations & partners
  • Please note the conditions for each store
  • Voucher valid for three years from date of issue
  • ONLY at rail & fresh: Redeem one voucher per visit at pay machines, only paying €0.50 cash additionally

Before using our sanitary facilities in indoor markets, service areas at motorways, shopping malls or, for example, central bus stations, each customer pays a fee at the pay machine whereby a voucher is issued. 

  • Redeem voucher at participating partner shops within the respective location
  • Look out for special offers
  • Voucher valid for three years from date of issue
  • NEW at shop & fresh: Receive instant discounts on selected goods